Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What inspired Pamper & Play?
  2. What kind of crowd can I expect at Pamper & Play? 
  3. What is the age range?
  4. Can I leave my child at Pamper & Play while I go offsite?
  5. Do I need to be a member to come to Pamper & Play?
  6. What is Supervised Play?
  7. Are you open on the weekends?
  8. Do you offer food? Can we bring snacks?
  9. Can we bring a stroller?
  10. Do you have parking?
  11. Do you change diapers? Can you help with potty time?
  12. Do you have a changing table?
  13. Where are you located?
  14. Do we need socks?
  15. Do you have a sick policy?
  16. Are children allowed in the lounge?
  17. What if my child experiences separation anxiety?
  18. What do I need to bring?
  19. Can your staff babysit offsite

The Inspiration: Flexible Childcare in Los Angeles


Pamper & Play is was launched in 2011 by Carole and Wil Cablk, the parents of two very energetic and inquisitive boys. After leaving her 9 to 5 job as a Creative Director to become a freelance graphic designer and work from home mom, Carole realized that there was a need for play area that offered play supervisors to nurture and entertain children while parents and caregivers take a break! And she thought a comfy parent lounge, free coffee and WIFI would sweeten the deal, so she created it! Since then Carole and Wil have been building and perfecting the business. Carole and Wil have completed 24 hours of PET Parent Effectiveness Training. Carole taught mommy and me classes at the Culver City YMCA in Los Angeles. She also has a masters in art which helps her create fun activities for children of all ages. Wil is a licensed geologist and loves to dazzle the children with fun and messy science. 

What kind of a crowd can I expect?

One of our main goals has been to provide a place where busy parents can DROP IN for childcare or coworking or if they need a break. Due to the drop-in nature of our facility, each day is unpredictable and as they say, when it rains it pours! We have very busy days and more quiet days. Booking your appointment online via our appointment booker is the best way to guarantee your spot. You can do this right before you come in. We appreciate even just an hour of notice! Prebooking will also save you time when you come in so that you can get right to the pampering.

On slower days, the kids might not have as many friends to play with, but they will still have a blast! Our play supervisors are dedicated to entertaining your child and our play area is literally jam-packed with active and imaginative things to do!

Having said that, if you decide to just drop by, we will do our best to accommodate you. We know that some mornings you just wake up tired and need a break! If you call to find out how busy we are, please note that our crowd can change quickly and we cannot hold a spot for you verbally over the phone. Again, the best way to guarantee a spot is to prebook online. childcare in Los Angeles

What is the age range?

Pamper & Play is designed for parents and children aged 8 months to 10 years. Our play area and play equipment are especially well suited to toddlers because they are small and easily navigated. You will not find sprawling, challenging equipment here which means that you can truly relax. Pamper & Play is also overflowing with books, toys, puzzles and games. And we have messy art, crafts and special activities available on our outside patio every day. Finally, our play supervisors are here to help out with a variety of age appropriate activities and to make sure that big kids aren’t overwhelming the little ones. And older kids are challenged and entertained. We also offer camps for kids ages 3 to 8 years old.

Can I leave my child at Pamper & Play while I go offsite?

For Supervised Play and Preschool Transition services, parents must remain onsite at Pamper & Play, either with their child or in the upstairs lounge. 

Need a babysitter? We do offer Parents’ Time Out once a week where parents can leave children while they go on date night, run errands etc. We offer After School Enrichment activities and Camps for children ages 3+ when kids are out of school. During those times, parents can go offsite. Please see our calendar for upcoming PTO and Camp events. 

Do I need to be a member to come to Pamper & Play?

NO! Walk-ins are welcome. While we do offer great memberships, we think it is important for EVERY parent to be able to drop in and take a break for one hour or more on any given day. We do however, require you to schedule your first Supervised Play visit. Check our calendar for walk in Supervised Play times.

What is Supervised Play?

Supervised Play is playtime for your child in our amazing play space, while you relax in our parent lounge! Our staff of play supervisors will watch your child and make sure that they are safe, happy and comfortable. The great part about our parent lounge is that it is a loft! So you can peek over and watch your child interacting with our amazing supervisors!

Are you open on the weekends?

Weekends are reserved for birthday parties. HOWEVER, we are open for four hours 4 Saturdays a month during Parents Time Out. We also allow Supervised Play and Free Bird Play during these times. Because of the popularity of these Saturday hours, space is first come, first served. Please check our calendar for weekend hours. 

Do you offer food? Can we bring snacks?

We offer complimentary coffee in our upstairs lounge and water for all of our guests during supervised play hours. We also offer healthy snacks for sale. Snacks for children include fruit pouches, juices, and snack crackers. You are also welcome to bring in your own snacks which kids can enjoy while seated in our front table or outside on our patio. 

Can we bring a stroller?

We ask that if you bring a stroller, you park it outside in our front stroller parking area. This is so that we can maintain a safe, clean, tidy and open environment. If you are not comfortable leaving your stroller outside, please leave your stroller in the car. 

Do you have parking?


We have two parking spaces in the back of our building. Customers are welcome to park tandemly in the spaces which means we can fit four cars back there. To enter the parking lot, turn into the ally next to Mathenasium and then turn left into the lot. Our spaces are marked. Please be courteous and do not park in our neighbors’ spots. There is also ample metered parking on Westwood Boulevard and two-hour parking on Tennessee Avenue. Please bring quarters and be sure to feed meters. Parking is free on Sundays. For the security of our guests, we ask that parents enter in the front Westwood Boulevard entrance only. 

Do you change diapers?

We only change diapers during Parents Time Out. We recommend changing diapers and encouraging your child to go potty immediately upon your arrival so that you can enjoy your time up in the lounge. Onsite parents must assist with potty time and diaper changing. We cannot help older kids with potty time during camp, parents time out or Supervised Play. We recommend packing flushable wipes for children who need extra help with potty clean up. Please always bring diapers and wipes for your child. We have a changing table in our downstairs bathroom.

Do you have a changing table?

Yes, we have a changing table. We ask that you always use the changing table and never change diapers in our common area. This is importants for sanitary reaons. 

Where are you located?

Pamper & Play is located in West Los Angeles, on Westwood Boulevard just a few blocks north of Westside Pavillion, between Olympic and Pico. Our closest cross street is Tennessee Avenue. Our storefront is bright green, so you cannot miss us! We are located on the west side of the street. There’s nothing else like P&P, so if you are coming from the beaches or valley, we’re worth the drive—and thankfully we’re just minutes away from 10 and 405 freeways

Do we need socks?

No, kids are more than welcome to wear socks or go barefoot. We do ask that everyone (adults too!) remove their shoes in order to maintain a safe and clean environment.

Do you have a sick policy?

Yes. If your child is sick or shows symptoms of illness including fever, colorful nose discharge, skin rash, lethargy or diarrhea please keep them home until they’re healthy. For the protection of our staff and other patrons, anyone exhibiting these signs may be asked to leave. We leave it up to parents to use their best judgement with mildly runny nose or coughing as many children have allergies and we cannot discriminate against those children. Please be mindful of those around you and do not bring a sick child to play.

Are children allowed in the lounge?

Children over the age of 6 months or that are mobile are NOT allowed in the lounge at any time. Children are also not allowed to play on the stairs at any time. Parents are also not permitted to sit on the stairs.

What if my child has separation anxiety?

We understand that the first time separating from your child can be traumatic! This is normal and we have seen it before. If your child has a hard time separating from you, we have a special procedure that we follow to help you take the break that you deserve. We’ll do our utmost to divert your child’s attention so you can relax. We recommend that you give us ample time to calm your child. And we also can't stress enough how important it is to keep coming back. The more you visit, the easier it will be. We will work it out together, ask us how we can help! If you need help with this, please email us at and we will tell you how we can work together so you can get a break!

What do I need to bring?

We do lots of fun and messy activities so it’s best to be prepared. And kids work up an appetite when they are playing this hard! We recommend that you bring a snack, diapers, wipes and a change of clothing for open play, supervised play and drop off play. We do not recommend bringing outside toys as they may get lost, mixed up with our toys and may cause sharing issues with other children. Please refrain from bringing nuts or candy as a snack. Please always advise the play supervisors if your child has a food allergy. We have a complimentary water cooler with cups for all of our guests. PAMPER & PLAY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS INCLUDING SIPPY CUPS, SOCKS AND TOYS. WE ARE ALSO NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLOTHES THAT MAY GET DIRTY OR STAINED DURING ART TIME, SO PLEASE DRESS CHILDREN IN PLAY CLOTHES.

Can your staff babysit offsite?

We have to admit it. Our play supervisors are ROCK STARS! We’ve searched tirelessly for them and trained them to do it our way! But if they are babysitting for you, they aren’t available for us. We typically do not allow our employees to babysit for our clients offsite.